TrainingGrounds is appreciative for the opportunity to share with you the importance 和 underlying social need for more focused attention in the Early Childhood Sector. In New Orleans there is a lack of free accessible parenting education programs that cater to the 父母, 护理人员, 和 early childhood 教育工作者 of the 42% of children that live below the US Census declared poverty rate. 除了, there is a limited number of quality early learning childhood seats for children under the age of 3. TrainingGrounds has worked during the past year within the New Orleans l和scape using research 和 proven techniques to take an unique approach to changing the trajectory of our youngest children.


Educational research has consistently proven that there is a strong correlation between the quality of early childhood experiences 和 later academic success. (Louisiana Birth to Five Early Learning 和 Developmental St和ard (ELDS)) The problem is the lack of effective parent education programs which are targeted at decreasing the rates of child abuse 和 neglect 和 improving physical, 儿童的认知和情感发展. The National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) describes the goal of parent education as “strengthening families by providing relevant, effective education 和 support 和 encouraging an optimal environment for the healthy growth 和 development of 父母/护理人员 和 children.”
(http://www.childwelfare.gov / pubPDFs父子关系.pdf)

新奥尔良的所有父母都有权利看到自己的孩子在认知上有所发展, socially 和 emotionally in such a way they are ready for a life of learning 和 overall success. 然而, there is a lack of easily accessible programs for minority 和 low income 父母 to learn about child development, best parenting practices 和 early brain development all of which will greatly improve a parent’s ability to lay a solid foundation for their child’s development. 各种非营利机构, community action groups 和 city assistance programs are designed to address poverty in our city. 然而, 父母, 护理人员 和 early childhood 教育工作者 continue to require significant assistance with developing effective strategies to create quality learning experiences for children.

除了, in New Orleans there are over 3500 infants 和 toddlers on a waiting list for an early head start seat. This is unacceptable when research indicates that quality early learning experiences can produce important long-term improvements in the intellectual 和 social development of disadvantaged children. If these children are not offered an alternative they will end up in the 60% of American children who enter kindergarten every year unprepared 和 lacking the 语言, numeracy 和 social emotional skills necessary to be successful in the school 和 beyond.

这种紧迫感源于我们知道,到3岁时,儿童大脑的80%正在发育. Dr. 赫克曼, 美国经济学家, suggest that without resources such as “parent-coaching” 和 early childhood education programs, 许多有风险的儿童错过了成长的发展,而成长是成功的基础. They will suffer for the rest of their lives – 和 all of us will pay the price in higher social cost 和 declining economic fortunes.


据新奥尔良早期教育网报道, “卡特里娜飓风过后,新奥尔良的K-12教育体系发生了转变, 在学生成绩方面取得了令人印象深刻的进步. 然而, one critical element of a high quality education system has been missing: early childhood education” .


  • 路易斯安那州在儿童福利和儿童贫困方面排名第48位(http://www).aecf.org/the - 2015 -孩子-数-数据- book/)
  • In 2015, 新奥尔良有23人,000名出生到4岁的儿童(美国社区调查, 2015年5年预测.)
  • 新奥尔良42%的儿童生活在贫困中.(美国社区调查,2015年5年估计,美国.S. 人口普查局.)
  • 学前教育和儿童保育补贴仅惠及11%的0-3岁儿童, 让许多家庭不得不寻找其他解决办法, 比如依赖家庭成员
  • 大概有5个,在新奥尔良有200个公共资助或部分补贴的欧洲经委会席位, 仅足以招收约23%的5岁以下儿童(NOEEN估计(2016))。.
  • 只有42%的公立学校是高质量的 .(NOEEN战略计划2017)



使命: 协助家庭, 教育工作者, 以及社区加强儿童成功的基础.

愿景: 所有的孩子都有未来成功所需的坚实基础.

TrainingGrounds公司. 帮助父母, 照顾者和专业人士为孩子提供丰富的学习经验, positive adult-child interactions 和 social emotional skills that will contribute to success in school 和 beyond. 我们采用以下三种方法:

  1. “我们玩中心”: The We PLAY Center is a free community based space where 护理人员 和 children thrive through education, 浓缩, 社区及支援.
    The space is filled with age appropriate toys 和 activities where 父母 和 护理人员 follow the child-directed play of children 3 和 under. The We PLAY Center serves as an alternative setting for the 护理人员 和 their children who do not have access to quality early childhood learning centers/experiences. 在游戏期间, parent 教育工作者 model appropriate adult-child interactions for 父母 和 facilitate learning opportunities for children that stimulate brain development 和 foster social emotional, 语言, 认知和入学准备技能. In the center, adults use narrative 和 parallel talk to stimulate 语言 development. 拼图、分类玩具和音乐都是用来培养计算能力的. Over time the We PLAY Center organically develops into a community 和 a natural support system where Center participants have access to trusted sources 和 a safe space to ask for assistance with parenting, 养育和/或教育他们的孩子. Through the We PLAY Center 护理人员 和 children both develop competence 和 confidence that will contribute to the child’s success in school 和 beyond.
  2. 家长学习机会: 补充在We PLAY中心进行的学习, TrainingGrounds’ workshops 和 seminars are specifically designed to provide 父母 和 护理人员 with strategies 和 techniques to improve their parenting skills 和 to develop positive adult-child interactions
  3. 专业发展工作坊: TrainingGrounds works closely with early childhood professionals to send a consistent message to all individuals impacting the lives of our earliest learnings. Through professional development workshops we assist early childhood 教育工作者 with underst和ing the “science” 和 “why” behind many of the st和ards they are being asked to implement. As well as provide them with strategies 和 techniques to create quality learning experiences for children.


  • 我们玩中心*
    • 2017年4月25日开幕
    • 179个家庭参加了这个项目
    • 60%的参与者会多次回访
    • 与护理人员和儿童进行1000次接触

*The We PlAY Center is currently open 3 days a week for 2 hours each day 和 continues to deliver programming

  1. 目前We PLAY中心的人口统计:
    • 参观We PLAY中心的结果:
      • 91.7% of families reported having a better underst和ing of ages 和 stages of development, feeling supported in their role as caregiver 和 engaging in different types of interactions with their children at home (singing songs together, 讲故事, 阅读)
      • 83.3% of families reported being able to identify the benefits of play in child development.
      • 95.8 % of families report their children have exhibited an increase in age appropriate social skills 和 they have a better underst和ing of how to increase 语言 development skills with their children
      • 91.6% of families either strongly agreed or agreed feeling like that they have a stronger bond with their children
      • 100% of families reported creating more opportunities for them 和 their children to play together 和 would recommend the Center to family 和 friends
    • 坊间
      • “这种吸引人的环境有利于父母和孩子的学习.
        The professionals who head this project prompt 和 interact with the children 和 guide 父母 in their role…This program has a very strong sense of community amongst the 父母 和 children.”
      • “工作人员非常热情,知识渊博! 我儿子的社交和语言能力在不断提高!”
      • “I love the interaction with the kids at the we play center…It’s a very nice space for kids to play 和 learn. 我很高兴把我儿子介绍给这种环境. 我希望时间能长一点, but other than that it’s an excellent form of learning for my baby 和 it’s really preparing him for head start.”
    • 教育工作者的专业发展
      • 500多名幼儿专业人员参加了研讨会
      • 2000多名儿童出生-5名受到影响
      • 95%的人表示会使用所学的信息
    • 家长学习机会
      • Presenter at the Power Parent Forum at Southern University of New Orleans sponsored by The United States Department 的教育 和 Modern Parents Magazine.
      • Fall 2017: Contract with Family In Need of Services to offer 4 workshops per month for 10 months
      • 2017年秋季:与家庭法院签订合同,每月提供2次共同育儿讲习班
      • Spring 2018 HealthyBlue Louisiana sponsored a 5 workshop series of Active Parenting the First Five Years

    TrainingGrounds参加了三个有竞争力的创业项目. 螺旋桨,4.学校和Camelback Ventures每周都提供一对一的指导, 获得高层网络和投资者, 无偿技术支持, 还有免费的办公空间. 我们从4那里得到了1万美元和4万美元的资金支持.分别是0所学校和Camelback Ventures. 2017年秋季, Traininggrounds won the Pitch 诺拉 Education Competition for their We PLAY Center 和 received $5500. We have received grant funding for the 2018 year from the GPOA Foundation as well as the Institute for Mental Hygiene. The Corpus Christi Community Resource Center continues to demonstrate support for our initiative by donating the use of space for our We Play Center as well as our Parent Learning Opportunity workshops. 也, the families that utilize our free We PLAY Center show their support by donating money 和 refreshments.

    Corpus Christi Community Center provides free space for our We PLAY Center 和 parent learning opportunity courses. 2017年秋季 we co-hosted with Propeller Incubator a Race 和 Equity in Early Childhood convening to bring awareness of the challenges facing New Orleans. 我们为金斯利大厦举办了专业发展研讨会, 社区行动, 霍夫曼早教中心, 需要服务的家庭, 原色学习中心, 以及专业组织.

    Melanie Richardson is a native New Orleanian who has been working in the fields of mental health 和 adult education for over 20 years. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame 和 her Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. 回到新奥尔良后, Melanie has served in the role of director of a psychiatric residential treatment facility for adolescents 和 program director for a community based mental health rehabilitation facility, 分别获得联合委员会和COA认证.
    作为两个机构的启动运营总监, Melanie aided in turning ideas into fruition 和 was instrumental in providing much-needed services to the community. 她多年来和学生们一起工作的经验, 父母 和 community members in a variety of settings has afforded her valuable insight 和 underst和ing into the types of services that will allow communities 和 constituents to flourish. 梅勒妮已婚,有一个十几岁的儿子.

    Christine Neely has been in the field 的教育 for over 20 years 和 has always worked to improve st和ards 和 provide resources to families 和 students. 克里斯汀已经 spent over 15 years serving as lead teacher in grades PK-3rd while working closely with administration to mentor new teachers, 开发课程并转向共同核心. 克里斯汀已经
    在全国会议上发表演讲,并举办有关扫盲发展的讲习班, 教育实践, 七种基本技能中的大脑结构和思维. 她是P的活跃成员.E.O国际促进全世界妇女的教育机会. 她已经结婚21年了,有两个十几岁的儿子.

    Both Melanie 和 Christine have received Louisiana Pathways Certification on a wide range of topics 和 have both been through CLASS Observation Training.

    Our board provides a proficient mix of skills in both the education 和 business community.



Dr. 布丽姬特雷伊
洛杉矶部门. 的教育

顾问委员会由一名律师组成, 注册会计师, 学校心理学家,布鲁克林幼儿园协会前董事会主席. 这些新增成员提出进行磋商, 反馈, 和建议,是训练场的完全支持者和拥护者.


TrainingGrounds is positioning itself to make a profound impact on early childhood outcomes in New Orleans. We look forward to continued dialog on ways in which we can work together to strengthen the birth to five pipeline: a critical element in the continued improvement of New Orlean’s educational system.

如需进一步了解我们公司,请访问我们的网站 www.mytraininggrounds.org 或者访问我们的网站 脸谱网. You can also watch the latest media coverage of our We PLAY Center by clicking on the following links: Pitch诺拉教育奖得主,  我的创业故事:训练场地,训练场地:反对暴力 和 诺拉.玩和学.